The Best of the UK Roulette Sites

by on June 11, 2012

Ever since I went to my first casino in Harare many years ago, I’ve loved all casino games but in particular roulette.  Unfortunately where I live in England, there isn’t a decent casino nearby , the nearest is two hours away and it’s a bit of a dump.   So I often play online in some of the fantastic casinos that are available on  the internet.   However for every legitimate, well run online casino there seem to be a host of rip off merchants.

Anyway this site is for those who share my love for the game of roulette and all the other casinos games you can play.   You’ll find we only feature UK roulette games here as they are covered by strict licensing laws and are amongst the safest in the World.  In addition we will only feature respected house hold names which you can trust.

This is the Just for Fun Version – But You can Play for Real Here – Virgin Casino Game

Virgin Casino Game

They are accessible to most countries across Europe, Asia and Australia (but not unfortunately USA although some have a North American partners).  Anyway if you want to just play for fun then you’ve also come to the right place – this is the free play version of one of my favorite British based roulette sites from Virgin.  It’s fully, functional completely fair and is a great way for learning the game, testing new tactics or just having some fun.

Most of the British casinos featured on this site have free play versions even the live streaming ones, so don’t be afraid to try  them out before you find one to play for real.  If you want to try out some of the latest roulette tactics and systems – this is a good site, they have another free game here –  freeplay roulette area



It’s been quite a few years since the first online casinos appeared on  the internet.  The best of course have survived and we’re lucky to have some the best as UK Roulette sites but unfortunately so have quite a few of the rip off roulette sites.  Many of these keep going through an endless supply of new players, they always get ripped off but new ones keep appearing.  For the scam casinos outrageous bonuses, secret roulette systems and of course plenty of spam emails keep the virtual doors turning.

Here’s some thoughts when you are considering joining a new casino -

Over the Top Bonuses

Any casino is not going to last long by dishing out huge amounts of bonus money.  So before you’re lured into handing over that large sum of money to be matched by the casino – consider two things.  Firstly check all the conditions, there’s normally a host of restrictions regarding the bonus before it can be withdraw (number of bets you have to place, types of bets etc).  The bigger the bonus the more restrictions there will be, check the fine print first, if you can’t find the conditions – just find another casino.

The second point to consider is what would happen if the casino just refuses to pay out – citing perhaps some made up reason.  How do you propose getting your money back from a website run from Eastern Russia by a couple of dodgy internet entrepreneurs.  Does Kiev have a small claims court perhaps?  Bigger, well respected companies have a brand to protect and legislation to follow, Anton and Vladimir probably don’t worry so much.

Live Demonstration Games

Any online casino worth playing will have a live demo game.  This gives you a chance to get comfortable with the interface, check out the rules without risking real cash.  For many people just playing on the free games is actually enough – in that case great.

For the casinos with a live game, make sure it’s fair.  An old ploy is to rig the algorithm on the Free play games so you can’t fail to win.  You then believe you are on some lucky streak or that new roulette  system you’re trying is unbeatable.  When you get to play for real cash though the real odds apply

Spam Emails or Fake Redirects

How you arrive at a casino site is a very important factor too.  If you’ve clicked on one of the thousands of spam emails with a link to ‘fabulous bonuses’ then you should leave quickly.  A company who is happy to tout for business by filling the internet with more spam is not going to worry about ripping you off either.  Another factor to watch out for is arriving by cloaked links – you click on something unrelated and suddenly find your self on the casino site.  Any trickery like this means the casino is either crooked and/or desperate – either which means you’re likely to get ripped off.

There are plenty of decent, honest online casinos so don’t be too disheartened.  It just takes some common sense – go for a brand over a large bonus.  Any roulette company you’ve seen advertising on main stream TV or the press is likely to be fine.  Online casinos from the UK are all heavily regulated and are fair places to play – big names like Virgin, DubinBet or Bodog don’t need to cheat they will win anyway in the long run!


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