Ever since I went to my first casino in Harare many years ago, I’ve loved all casino games but in particular roulette.  Unfortunately British roulette outside the capital can be a bit of a let down,  there certainly isn’t a decent casino nearby me – the nearest is two hours away and it’s a bit of a dump.   So I often play online in some of the fantastic casinos that are available on  the internet.   However for every legitimate, well run online casino there seem to be a host of rip off merchants.

Only for British Roulette

Anyway this site is for those who share my love for the game of roulette and all the other casinos games you can play.   You’ll find we only feature British roulette games here as they are covered by strict licensing laws and are amongst the safest in the World.  In addition we will only feature respected house hold names which you can trust.

This is the Just for Fun Version – But You can Play for Real Here – .

They are accessible to most countries across Europe, Asia and Australia (but not unfortunately USA although some have a North American partners).

Play for real here – .

Anyway if you want to just play for fun then you’ve also come to the right place – this is the free play version of one of my favorite British based roulette sites from Virgin.  It’s fully, functional completely fair and is a great way for learning the game, testing new tactics or just having some fun.

Most of the British casinos featured on this site have free play versions even the live streaming ones, so don’t be afraid to try  them out before you find one to play for real.  If you want to try out some of the latest roulette tactics and systems – this is a good site, they have another free game here –  freeplay roulette area

Gamble Aware

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Quick Introduction to Roulette

by on June 22, 2016

Well you’re on a website which is all about roulette, so hopefully you know something about it. However just in case here’s a quick started or introduction to roulette, the ultimate casino game.

Today roulette is still a rather popular casino game throughout the world. On-line roulette is indeed popular as it has basic rules but provides a great selection of betting options. The expression European roulette is somewhat of the misnomer due to the fact that you can come across single-zero roulette all around the world.

Finally, learn to manage your own roulette bankroll properly.

The game of roulette has been quite popular for quite some time in casinos all around the world. This written composition will learn more about the murky world of dirty roulette hints and tricks. Based on stories I’ve heard, your odds of locating such wheels are likely best in Europe. Most casinos offer you a bonus for enrolling. Play free internet roulette games.

Roulette is among the most ordinary casino table games that gamblers will see in casinos today, worldwide. On-line casinos offer three standard forms of online roulette games. The roulette bet with the maximum payout ratio could be the straight bet. This lowers the home edge to 2.63% on those bets. But, the variances differ based on the bet. European roulette is played generally in most European countries, obviously.

These tips are formed to aid in improving your time in the wheel and improve your overall experience as you play at our on-line casino. It’s possible for You to click the aforementioned screenshots to enter the internet roulette game. Play roulette at no cost with this particular Flash game. Roulette may be played free via numerous websites and software. Unfortunately, these versions aren’t widely offered online. These games are played the very same way and possess the exact same payouts.

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New Ignition Casino for USA Players –

March 7, 2016

I’m not a great fan of playing roulette and casino games on mobile devices simply because they’re too dangerous! Imagine losing big whilst sitting on a train commuting into work, how depressing would that day be – of course you could win I guess. Offering US players the choice of over hundred thrilling casino games, […]

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The Importance of the House Edge

December 20, 2015

You’ve probably come across the term before but many casino players fail to realise the huge importance that the house edge delivers. It’s ultimately the chance you have of winning in any particular casino – be it online, offline or any combination. It’s not a particularly difficult concept to grasp but it is probably the […]

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Go with Cosmic Quest I & II Through Space at Slots.lv

November 13, 2015

Able to conquer the known universe together with your trusty space-monkey sidekick? You have found the game that was right because Cosmic Quest is all about sifting through the cosmos for stellar features and huge triumphs. We’ve taken this interactional i-Slot to get a ride around the galaxy and may safely say that we are […]

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Some Handy Tips for Playing Roulette Online

October 29, 2015

Understanding which ones you need to avoid or which roulette strategies to follow is no simple job. That’s the reason we’ve assembled a listing of the very most common Do’s and Dont’s for playing roulette on the internet for cash. Do stick to European Roulette – Among the advantages of playing roulette on the internet […]

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Betsoft release First of New 3D Slots

September 1, 2015

Some interesting news from Betsoft, they have just released two brand new slots which have caused a bit of a a hit on the mobile slot market. If you’re buying classic style game with captivating visuals and plenty of winning possibility, Event Horizon is the 243-way video slot game which is sure to fit the […]

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Big Slots Win at Bovada Casino

August 31, 2015

We at British roulette are not big fans of online slot machines for a variety of reasons, but appreciate lots of you really love them. There’s a certain individual in Colorado who probably loves them even more, his name is Howard J and last week he pulled off a fantastic win on two machines. The […]

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First British Themed Casino to open on ‘The Strip’

June 23, 2014

There is of course a world famed gambling strip in Nevada called the Las Vegas Strip.   On it there are lots of different casinos all with different themes – Venice, Paris, Egyptian and one based on a circus.  However this year one casino company are expecting to hit the jackpot by importing a small […]

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Some Quick Tips on Choosing an Online Casino to Play At

October 26, 2012

It’s been quite a few years since the first online casinos appeared on  the internet.  The best of course have survived and we’re lucky to have some the best as UK Roulette sites but unfortunately so have quite a few of the rip off roulette sites.  Many of these keep going through an endless supply […]

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A Free Game of Baccarat to Play Online

October 19, 2012

Well here it is as promised, a fully functional game of Baccarat to enjoy. If you’ve never played before then you can find an introduction here – Would Sir Care for a Game of Baccarat? It’s not a difficult game though so you can just get playing pick your bet – Player, Banker or Tie […]

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