Big Slots Win at Bovada Casino

by on August 31, 2015

We at British roulette are not big fans of online slot machines for a variety of reasons, but appreciate lots of you really love them. There’s a certain individual in Colorado who probably loves them even more, his name is Howard J and last week he pulled off a fantastic win on two machines.

The first was called Dino Island – click the image to play in practice mode.


It’s quite fun and very simple to play, give it whirl and try the free mode.

The second slot that he played was called At the Copa, which I must say I preferred with one exception the awful music.   Here’s a screen shot and if you want to try it out in the practice mode just click on the graphic.


Both of the slots have lots of different bonuses and accumulators and indeed it was these which helped Howard J win rather a lot of money.  On ‘At the Copa’ the games also throw out some cool video sequences and animations which I really enjoyed.

So how much did Howard J win one evening last week?  Well he racked up a closing total of $218,975 over both these games, although I’m not quite certain of the distribution, a wonderful win though.

If you want to play for real, Bovada has some cracking bonuses on offer at the moment – you can check out the $3000 bonus on this link Bovada $3000 Bonus.

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