The Importance of the House Edge

by on December 20, 2015

You’ve probably come across the term before but many casino players fail to realise the huge importance that the house edge delivers. It’s ultimately the chance you have of winning in any particular casino – be it online, offline or any combination.

It’s not a particularly difficult concept to grasp but it is probably the most important aspect to consider when playing any game or at any casino.

Please remember that the house edge varies not only from casino to casino but also from game to game. THere is no standard percentage in any particular circumstance although odds for games tend not to vary much this does happen. For example if you take the example of the two different main forms of roulette wheel – European and American, you’d always be better off choosing the game based on a European wheel simply because it only has a single zero compared to the American one, hence the odds on the player winning will be much smaller on the American wheel.

To illustrate the point simple – imagine all the fixed odd bets like red/black and odd even. The 0 represents a win for the house in all these examples and of course having two zeros gives them twice the chance of winning all those fixed odds bets.

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